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Tour of the Amalfi Coast: Positano, Ravello, Vietri...

From Sorrento to Vietri; passing the pearls of the Amalfi Coastline: Positano, ... and many others splendid towns.

The path of this tour winds along a famous route that, starting from the northern part of the Sorrento peninsula, will take You from the Gulf of Neaples to the Gulf of Salerno through what is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Coast of Amalfi.

Curve after curve, You will have the chance to appreciate beauty at its best, with some "behind the scene" tales and storytelling about the locals and their home, with the possibility to make stops along the way to take in the unforgettable scenery that will be forever imprinted in Your memory.

To give You a taste of that You will see by yourself, here there are some images of the Amalfi Coast tour that only begin to reveal some of the marvelous opportunity that waits for You if You decide to try this new way to travel.

My experience and knowledge is at Your service, hoping to create a unique un unforgettable vacation.


If I've caught Your attention and sparked Your curiosity and You'd like to find out more about the Amalfi Coast Tour, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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