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Tailor-made holidays and trips in Italy. Experience your own private tour discovering the traditions and customs of this amazing country.

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A Private Tour in Italy - Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples...

The word “Tour” for me is something fascinating! A little adventure exploring Italy, this unique country, together with You!

Only those who have done this for many years and who have an excellent knowledge of the environment, together with instinctive internal qualities, have love and passion for what they do! And that's me!

The need to discover new emotions during the visit of these extraordinary towns rich in history such as, Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Naples, pushed me to discover further standpoint, beyond the usual ones, which make up the “Hidden Italy”.

This is a work I carry out with simplicity, modesty but professionally; giving always the personal touch to leave You an unforgettable memory and a great wish to return to my country, where to rediscover friendship and where to feel at home, once again.

This is what I mean with Tour in Italy!

That's touring in italy

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