Wine tasting tour

exploring the wineries and vineyards of a prestigious winery in Campania

Wine Tours Experience

Walking through the vineyards and tasting excellent wine.

On popular request a special new tour has been added to our itinerary this season.

We can now offer our guests an excursion into the heart of the mountainous wine producing area of Irpinia with a guided tour of one of the typical cantinas.

An area very different to the rolling Tuscan hillsides but with a wine-making tradition just as strong and wines that are certainly equal to those produced further north.

An expert guide will take you through the whole process of wine production from explaining the territory, showing you how the vineyards are laid out right through the intricate ritual of producing the various different wines of this beautiful region. It is an incredible experience going through the huge, underground cellars where the temperature is constant with rows upon rows of barrels and barriques containing the wines which will eventually arrive on tables around the world.

The visit terminates with a wine tasting session: red, white and sparkling!

To round off the day, after the wine tasting experience, there is nothing better that a snack or meal of the genuine and traditional cuisine.

An unforgettable tour in a truly beautiful setting after which, back through the countryside to our point of departure.

Enjoy the Wine Tour

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