Amazing Naples

Day tour through the beauties of this incredible city

Day excursion in Naples

City of culture, art and traditions

The tour starts entering the heart of Naples, starting exploring the most famous squares such as Piazza Municipio with Castel Nuovo, Piazza Plebiscito with the Royal Palace, the Gallery Umberto I, San Carlo Opera house and the most beautiful and historically interesting Churches, such as San Lorenzo Maggiore, San Domenico, San Severo, Gesù Nuovo and the Duomo of San Gennaro.

We can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples, the most famous in Europe, where the treasures excavated from Pompeii and Herculaneum are held.

For lunch we can stop in one of the most beautiful places along the promenade (with a fantastic view of the bay of Naples) or at a local Neapolitan pizzeria for some fantastic pizza and some tradition local dishes. Buon Appetito!

Afterwards we’ll view the sights of the city which is full of history, tradition and of course the ancient problems of traffic and overpopulation, the combination of which makes it one of the most amazing and unique cities in the world.

At the end, some free time for shopping and a great cup of Neapolitan coffee is indispensable before returning home.

I am sure that at the end of this tour, the visit and story of this unique City will have enriched your holiday in Italy.

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Naples, what a fantastic city!

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