Paestum tour

between archeology, temples and... buffalo mozzarella cheese

One day Tour in Paestum

Excursion to the archaeological site and the typical activities of the Piana del Sele

A day out to this wonderful place is not only for those who are interested in the roots and history of this part of Italy but also for the lovers of scenery and beauty.

For many, the Greek temples of Paestum are considered to be the best preserved outside of Greece. Certain it is that driving across the fertile, coastal Salerno plain, the sudden appearance of the three magnificent temples is an unforgettable experience.

Visiting Paestum it is important to go first to the well-presented and interesting museum where you can see how this ancient city must have been at the peak of its importance as a flourishing and important port. Once visited the museum you cross the road into the archaeological site where you can visit each temple at leisure.

Having visited this incredible place which, incidentally, was also close to the Allied landing of Salerno in September of 1943, you may see one of the many herds of water buffalos which provide milk for the famous mozzarella cheese produced in the area.

Together with the visit to Paestum it is also possible to include a stop in Salerno to visit the magnificent cathedral of St. Matthew – resting place of the exiled Pope Gregory VII or else a stop at Vietri sul Mare to admire the ceramics produced in the picturesque little workshops.

Another idea is to include a visit to one of the wineries further inland, sample the wine and then head for the archaeological site of Paestum.

Paestum, a tour in the history and nature of the Piana del Sele

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